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Carrington Event — 159 years ago!

Check out today’s Space Weather for information about the Carrington Event, which I referenced in my short story, SOLAR LULLABY. The legendary solar flare happened 159 years ago. Auroras seen as far south as Cuba … and “As the day unfolded, the gathering storm electrified telegraph lines, shocking technicians and setting their telegraph papers on fire. The …

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Solar Lullaby: Free Jan. 20-24

Below, see how one Amazon reviewer described my short story, SOLAR LULLABY, which is now a stand-alone Kindle ebook. You can get a FREE  e-copy today through Tuesday on Amazon! ~~Red Alert~~ Dr. Flare Haich works in an underground lab dubbed the Triple S for its unique design. It has been years since the Mayan Event …

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Dab of Darkness reviews The Mentor, Solar Lullaby!

Thanks to Susan, audiobook enthusiast & book reviewer at Dab of Darkness, for her awesome reviews of my short story audiobooks, “Solar Lullaby” and “The Mentor!” THE MENTOR:  The Narration:  Matthew McGraw was a fun narrator for this book. He didn’t giggle at the idea of two-legged girapods traveling space with fake credit cards. Or, if …

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Solar flare causes radio blackouts

Reprinted from Space Weather News for May 6, 2015 http://spaceweather.com X-FLARE: Emerging sunspot AR2339 unleashed an intense X2-class solar flare on May 5th at approximately 22:11 UT.  Radiation from the flare caused strong radio blackouts on the Pacific side of Earth, interfering with communications at frequencies below ~20 MHz.  The blast also hurled a CME into …

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Heidi Miller reviews SOLAR LULLABY

Thanks to Heidi Ruby Miller for her review of SOLAR LULLABY! I met Heidi via the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blog. Don’t miss her Ambasadora series if you’re a sci-fi adventure fan who likes strong female characters! Perfect title The idea of sentient communication through solar flares is an incredible idea, one I’ve not run …

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Solar Lullaby audiobook available!

My audiobook, SOLAR LULLABY, is now available on Amazon/Audible for a special sale price of only $2.76, and coming soon to iTunes! Check out the three-minute sample on Audible. The complete audiobook of this short story is about thirty minutes long. I’m very pleased to introduce you to the narrator, Tiffany Williams. A theatre artist from Plano, Texas, …

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Free 2/16-2/17: Solar Lullaby

To celebrate the re-release of my short story, SOLAR LULLABY, as a Kindle ebook, I’m offering it FREE Sunday and Monday (2/16 & 2/17). FREE In 2010, it was published by L&L Dreamspell in an ebook anthology — it was the first piece of fiction I sold! I’m trying to re-do the trailer, but it …

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