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The Labyrinth of Time
Solar Lullaby
Jaguar Hope
The Mother Serpent’s Daughter
The Mentor

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Who wants to live a century before seeing the outside world? Not Ariadne.

Restless and idealistic, the young immortal sneaks out of the Eves’ secret compound and finds the outside world more dangerous than she could have imagined. Cut off from her own kind and hunted by mortals, she is forced to hide among the Adams, the immortal sons born of her sisters.

But the Adams have sinister plans of their own. Ariadne must find a way to stop them, even if it means sacrificing her immortal life.

Praise for Moonblood

“Fans of dystopian fiction looking for something refreshingly original and truly different in the society-building/destruction theme will find Moonblood a standout….”
–D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Moonblood may take place in a distant future but it is so timely. Set against a backdrop of xenophobia and sexism, this novel examines dark aspects of our own society through the lens of science fiction. I’ve come to expect this type of deep dive from T.W. Fendley’s other work. She uses anthropological insights and allegorical myths to bring us an immersive world and memorable plots. The alternating chapters of Ari and Blair pull us along on two converging storylines while keeping each young woman’s characterization distinct. The details to technology and societal evolution (not to mention human evolution) were outstanding and memorable.”
–H. Miller, Amazon review

“Delicious inevitability is built into nearly every page of this fast-paced, sci-fi thriller that answers the question why women and men seem to be from different planets (hint: it’s not Venus and Mars)…”
–Karen Cavalli, author of Bad Mind and the forthcoming Undercover Goddess

“T.W. Fendley has a knack for creating worlds that are both familiar and strange, mysterious and tangible, and then immersing the reader in them so deeply it’s easy to forget that it’s not real. Moonblood pulled me in and didn’t let go until the end. A roller coaster of a story that manages to be both deeply thought-provoking and exciting.”
–Terri Bruce, author of the Afterlife series

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Jaguar Hope

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Election Day fantasy

If you’re like me and most people I know, you both anticipated and dreaded Nov. 3, 2020. And here we are, a few days after election day, trying to discern what this all means for our country and for us individually. Like me, you probably have friends whose beliefs mirror your own and others you …

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