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The Labyrinth of Time
Solar Lullaby
Jaguar Hope
The Mother Serpent’s Daughter
The Mentor

What would you give to be young again?

Lilith Davidson has nothing to lose. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, her only hope for survival rests in an experimental longevity serum she herself helped to develop using an intuitive-based protocol known as remote viewing.

She never dreamed the treatment could be so wildly effective… nor did she expect its unusual side effect.

Now, as Lilith and the other eleven Methuselah Pioneers struggle to embrace the serum’s gift, powerful forces condemn their miracle cure as a violation of life’s natural order and threaten their lives. Will the treatment help humanity or tear society apart?

Praise for Methuselah’s Legacy

“Readers of sci-fi that revolves around genetic manipulation and human transformation will welcome a story that is vivid and fast-paced, containing many elements that will keep them engrossed to the end. It’s more than a cut above most science-oriented surveys because its inclusion of social norms, political responses, and revised visions of what it means to be an altered human are especially well detailed.”
–D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Methuselah’s Legacy asks thought-provoking questions and challenges hard-felt beliefs about life and love, while being an exciting tale of treachery and fanaticism. T.W. Fendley’s latest novel has readers turning the page until the end, and asking-would you take the treatment for a second chance at life?
–Brad R. Cook, author of The Iron Chronicles

Who wants to live a century before seeing the outside world? Not Ariadne.

Restless and idealistic, the young immortal sneaks out of the Eves’ secret compound and finds the outside world more dangerous than she could have imagined. Cut off from her own kind and hunted by mortals, she is forced to hide among the Adams, the immortal sons born of her sisters.

But the Adams have sinister plans of their own. Ariadne must find a way to stop them, even if it means sacrificing her immortal life.

Praise for Moonblood

“Fans of dystopian fiction looking for something refreshingly original and truly different in the society-building/destruction theme will find Moonblood a standout….”
–D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Moonblood may take place in a distant future but it is so timely. Set against a backdrop of xenophobia and sexism, this novel examines dark aspects of our own society through the lens of science fiction. I’ve come to expect this type of deep dive from T.W. Fendley’s other work. She uses anthropological insights and allegorical myths to bring us an immersive world and memorable plots. The alternating chapters of Ari and Blair pull us along on two converging storylines while keeping each young woman’s characterization distinct. The details to technology and societal evolution (not to mention human evolution) were outstanding and memorable.”
–H. Miller, Amazon review

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