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Reviews are greatly appreciated!

If you like Moonblood or any of my other stories, please leave a review online. Even one or two sentences can help future readers decide if it’s a book they’d also enjoy. I appreciate your support!Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble | Bookshop | Kobo

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Moonblood review giveaways

Throughout the month of June, sign up on Library Thing’s Early Reviewers for a chance to get a free copy of Moonblood, my latest young adult science fiction novel. If you are a reviewer on Net Galley, it’s also available there this month. As always, reviews are greatly appreciated.

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Dab of Darkness reviews The Mentor, Solar Lullaby!

Thanks to Susan, audiobook enthusiast & book reviewer at Dab of Darkness, for her awesome reviews of my short story audiobooks, “Solar Lullaby” and “The Mentor!” THE MENTOR:  The Narration:  Matthew McGraw was a fun narrator for this book. He didn’t giggle at the idea of two-legged girapods traveling space with fake credit cards. Or, if …

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Two rave reviews for Labyrinth!

“BRILLIANT, IMPRESSIVE, EXCITING, AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!…T.W. Fendley creates a Masterpiece of storytelling in ‘The Labyrinth Of Time…Highly recommended to all fantasy lovers, who enjoy mystical and magical stories, combined with intrigue, and entertainment from beginning to end!” more –Geri Ahearn (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)   “It reminds me of the books I used to love …

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Two new reviews!

ZERO TIME review “Meticulously researched and imagined, with a Gordian knot of a plot that taxes the grey cells in a most enjoyable way…” —Marc Secchia, bestselling fantasy author THE LABYRINTH OF TIME review “Read this book last night and I couldn’t put it down…” —Natasha Duncan-Drake, author of The Avebury Chronicles Thanks, Marc & Tasha!

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Heidi Miller reviews SOLAR LULLABY

Thanks to Heidi Ruby Miller for her review of SOLAR LULLABY! I met Heidi via the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blog. Don’t miss her Ambasadora series if you’re a sci-fi adventure fan who likes strong female characters! Perfect title The idea of sentient communication through solar flares is an incredible idea, one I’ve not run …

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