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Heidi Miller reviews SOLAR LULLABY

Thanks to Heidi Ruby Miller for her review of SOLAR LULLABY! I met Heidi via the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blog. Don’t miss her Ambasadora series if you’re a sci-fi adventure fan who likes strong female characters! Perfect title The idea of sentient communication through solar flares is an incredible idea, one I’ve not run …

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ZERO TIME 2012 Virtual Party: Week 3

Check out these Party Posts for Week Three of the ZERO TIME 2012 Virtual Book Tour PARTY: March 27 — Just A Girl (Heidi Ruby Miller) INTERVIEW March 28 — The Realms of a Fantastical Mind (E.M. LaBonte) – guest post March 30 — Disquieting Visions (Gail Martin) Where fact & fantasy meet: Remote viewing …

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Guest interview at Heidi Ruby Miller’s blog!

ZERO TIME 2012 VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR PARTY STOP: I’m doing a guest interview on Party Host Heidi Ruby Miller‘s blog, JUST A GIRL. I met Heidi through Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and Broad Universe. She writes science fiction romance (I loved AMBASADORA!), and I just learned we share an interest in the Maya. Join the …

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Broadly Speaking: Romance in spec fiction

Broad Pod

Check out the February edition of Broadly Speaking for a lively discussion about romance in speculative fiction. The host, Heidi Ruby Miller, writes stories where the relationship is as important as the adventure. She is the author of the SF Romance series set in the Ambasadora-verse and co-editor of the writing guide MANY GENRES, ONE …

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