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‘End of world’ short story, with cute boots–FREE ’til 3/24

AND I FEEL FINE: Jana’s puzzled when the traffic disappears so she makes it to work on time, and when the perfect boots and jacket appear in her cubicle just before a meeting with the big boss. She worries about her sanity until she realizes it’s Dec. 21, 2012. This is the end of the world? She pulls on her new boots and puts her theory to the test.
Your review would be greatly appreciated!
Here’s what readers are saying:
5.0 out of 5 stars on AMAZON — Molly Gambiza
A very engaging short story. I would like to be in Jana’s boots except for that bit about 2012. No way! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent!


NOTE: If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app onto your computer: Kindle    Kindle Cloud Reader

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JAGUAR HOPE: Meet the humanimals! Free Feb. 20-24

Jaguar Hope

Zero TIme Chronicles

FREE ebook Feb. 20-24!

Two black jaguars become the symbol of hope for a race facing extinction when they accompany a dying traveler back to her home planet.

JAGUAR HOPE, a novelette, tells of the ill-fated journey to Earth’s Age of Crystal in this action-packed prequel to my historical fantasy novel, ZERO TIME.

Your review would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s what readers are saying about JAGUAR HOPE:

5-star review by Sandra Saidak

This novelette was a tightly-written, fast-paced thrill ride. I’m not much of a short-story reader, and I never read them in one sitting, but this one I did. Jaguar Hope really is a book that you can’t put down (but for those of us with jobs and kids, the short length helps!) I read Zero Time, the novel set in the same universe, but it’s not necesarry to read the book first to enjoy the novelette. But if you read Jaguar Hope, you’ll probably want to read Zero Time!

4-star review by kraftygirl 

Enjoyed this book a lot. The humanimals were an interesting concept. The character names a bit difficult at first until you get into the story.

JAGUAR HOPE is also available on Amazon in print and audiobook.


NOTE: If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app onto your computer: Kindle    Kindle Cloud Reader

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Solar Lullaby: Free Jan. 20-24

Below, see how one Amazon reviewer described my short story, SOLAR LULLABY, which is now a stand-alone Kindle ebook. You can get a FREE  e-copy today through Tuesday on Amazon!

~~Red Alert~~

Kindle short story

Dr. Flare Haich works in an underground lab dubbed the Triple S for its unique design. It has been years since the Mayan Event destroyed a half billion people. She works on a project called the Empress which deals with electro magnetic pulse radiation. It is also worth mentioning that her parents were both dedicated researchers in this area, as well. In her father’s journal, he describes with great detail his findings concerning a sentient being….

“Red Alert” notifies the ones in the lab that a huge EMP is on its way! Sometimes it is extremely difficult to convince the higher-ups that an event will occur. Bureaucracy at its finest!

Love the ending of this one. Absolutely incredible. I also love a story that conveys so much meaning with few words.

Most highly recommended.--A Navy Vet, VT

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Great time to see the Da Vinci glow

Reprinted from Space Weather News for Dec. 3, 2016

WHAT IS THE DA VINCI GLOW?  Five hundred years ago, Leonardo da Vinci proposed an outlandish theory explaining why the Moon’s surface glows during the lunar night. Turns out, his idea was correct. This weekend is a great time to see the “Da Vinci Glow” for yourself. Observing tips and the full story of da Vinci’s imaginative leap are highlighted on today’s edition of

LARGE CORONAL HOLE TURNING TOWARD EARTH:  A large hole in the sun’s atmosphere has formed and it is turning toward Earth.  Solar wind emerging from the opening could reach Earth as early as Dec. 6-7 and influence the space environment of our planet for several days. Visit for more information and updates.



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It’s tonight! See you at the Local Author Open House

2016-local-author-open-house-flier-for-authors-1-1(Hope to see you there! T.W. Fendley)

We eat local, we shop local, so let’s read local! Don’t miss the St. Charles City-County Library District’s Local Author Open House! At this one- of-a-kind event,more than 100 local authors will be gathered in one place to sell and autograph their books, and to talk to visitors about how they got their start.

The 2016 Local Author Open House, now in its 8th year, will take place on Thursday, November 17 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Spencer Road Branch, 427 Spencer Road, St. Peters, MO 63376.

“This gathering of so many local authors in one place, is an event that you will not find anywhere else in the area,” said St. Charles City- County Library District Adult Services Manager Sara Nielsen. “We are excited to be able to help people discover the many authors that live right here in our own community.”

The St. Charles City-County Library District offers a special collection that features the work of local authors. This collection is housed at the Middendorf-Kredell Branch, or you can browse and reserve a title online. To access the collection online, go to and select “Local Author Collection.”

Refreshments will be provided, and attendance prizes will be given out. Register online at or call the Spencer Road Branch at 636-441-0522.


Participating authors include:

Fedora Amis – Mayhem at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Peggy Archer – Name That Dog! Puppy Poems from A to Z Linda Austin – Battlefield Doc: Memoirs of a Korean WarCombat Medic
Bradley Bates – Trinity
Jessica Marie Baumgartner – Embracing Entropy Stephanie Bearce – Stan Musial
Jenny Beilsmith – The Change: Insights into Self Empowerment
Chris Bostic – Savage Hills
John Bryant – Something of an Ordinary Life
Marvin Byrd – Make it Plain – Keys to being a successful high school student
Lynn Cahoon – A Story to Kill
Ann Chandonnet – Barn Raisings and Cemetery Cleanings:Frolics, Bees & Other Old Time Occasions for Good Food
Steven Clark – The Saint Louisans
Brad R. Cook – Iron Zulu, book II of The Iron Chronicles

Victoria Cosner – Missouri’s Mad Doctor McDowell:

Confederates, Cadavers and Macabre Medicine
Liz Costanzo – Morrison – Flashback
James Creighton – Shark Bait: The “Misadventures” of an

Oceanic Ferry Pilot
Cindy Cummins – Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects to Sew
Suzanne DeWitt Hall – Rumplepimple
Eileen P. Duggan – The Not-Ready-for-Juilliard Players

Donna Duly Volkenannt – Chicken Soup for the Soul Angels and Miracles

Sally Ember, Ed.D. – This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Thingsto Change, Volume III, The Spanners Series

Jeanne Felfe – The Art of Healing – A Novel

T.W. Fendley – The Labyrinth of Time
Greg and Sharon Fletcher – Tools For Living Kristen Flood – Seeking Incandescence

William Flowers – William Flowers: Reflections Upon My First 3 Decades

Bridget Fogarty – Where My Heart Has Always Been Cherita Ford – Leo, A Different World
Frank Fuszner – Kamikaze Apocalypse

Shyona Gaines – Broken
Marcia Gaye – Times They Were a’Changing Lindsey Gendke – Ending the Pain: A True Story of Overcoming Depression
Linda Gilman – The Suffragette Takes a Husband
Judith Golightly – Billy’s Story – Every Parent’s Nightmare -The Loss of a Child
Ellen Harlie – Through Hell and out the other side
C.S. Hart – WindStone:The Secrets Within
Ann Hazelwood – Josephine’s Guest House Quilt
Judith Hennessey – First Rodeo
Mark Henrikson – Origins: Discovery
Michael Henry – GHosts of St. Charles
Bonney Hogue Patterson – The Devil Came to Town and the Angels Follow
Emily Humpherys – The Dark Ferret Society
D.L. Jenkinson – Faraway
Lisa Kelly – The Men We Became: More Echoes From the End Zone
Valerie Battle Kienzle – What ‘s With St. Louis?
Debbie Manber Kupfer – P.A.W.S.
Robert Lampros – Intended Consequences
Louis Launer – Townies’ Turn: Molly’s Challenge
S. Courtney Lawson – Parenting Through The Mirror
Lyssa Layne – My Calling
Dee Livers – Eva and Boo at the St. Louis Zoo
Terri Luckey – Kayndo Ring of Defense
Marita Malone – My Mother My Daughter: A Memoir
Ross Malone – Missouri’s Forgotten Heroes
Amalyn Martin – Max and Mila at the Beach
Jim Merkel – The Colorful Characters of St. Louis
Bryce Meyer – Of Oceans and Rivers, Fishes and Whales II C. David Milles – Legacy
Jim Mosquera – 2020
Sheree and Russell Nielsen – Folly Beach Dances
Jay Noel – Iron Warrior
Linda O’Connell – Chicken Soup Living with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias
Chad Odom – The Last Archide: Warlord of Navarus Author’s Edition
Nancy Olson – Karmen’s Krazy Khristmas

Ellen Parker – Stare Down
Brian Peterson – Dragon’s Flight: Book III – Still Waters Mark Pitts – The Good Shepherd and the Baaaad Sheep

Piper Punches – 60 Days
Robert Reason – SUCCESSFUL Sales People Listen To REASON
Rory Riddler – The Bitter Divide
Sioux Roslawski – Chicken Soup for the Soul: Be the Best You Can Be
Rebekah Ross – Nancy’s Numbers
Saturday Writers – Elements in Writing: Anthology #9

Tandy and Makenzie Schaller – Little Red Conquers Her Fear of Flying
Claudia Shelton – Slater’s Leverage
Angela Skurtu – Pre-Marital Counseling: A Guide for Clinicians
Christy Smith – Forever and Always
William Spradley – Cold Trail
Alaina Stanford – The Price of Magic, Hypnotic Journey Book 6
Vicki Stewart – Children from the Light, Book Four in the

Tori Cooper Novels
Jennifer Stolzer – Dog Park
Di Storm – YES SIR!
Doyle Suit – Baker Mountain
IZORA SUMMERS – Breaking the Silence from Shame: My Journey
Cleve Sylcox – Recluse-David Winter Mysteries
Victoria Szulc – Revenge and Machinery
Steven Thomas – Aloha, Lugosi!
Kimbra Townsend – My Neighbor’s a Real Turkey, Neighbor Series
Nancy Jo Van Hook – My Intimate Journey To Self Pat Wahler – Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Gratitude
Ken Wheeler – Dead Spaces
Fred Wolf – Alexander the Good Dragon


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SuperMoon and aurora outburst!

Reprinted from Space Weather:

BIGGEST FULL MOON IN ALMOST 70 YEARS:  The full Moon of Nov. 14th will be the biggest and brightest in nearly 70 years. Today’s edition of offers observing tips and explains why not all full Moons are the same.

ROCKET PHOTOBOMBS AURORA OUTBURST:  A high-speed stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field this weekend, causing bright auroras around the Arctic Circle.  While watching the light show last night in Sweden, a group of tourists witnessed a strange apparition caused by a passing rocket. Visit to see what happens when a rocket engine photobombs the Northern Lights.

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Mystical stories wanted!

mystic-illuminations-logo_glowCheck out the submission guidelines for a St. Louis-based esoteric online journal, MYSTIC ILLUMINATIONS, which features fiction, nonfiction and poetry about “exploring the magic through words.” 
Issue Three is a special all-poetry edition.  

MYSTIC ILLUMINATIONS is published by Mystic Salon, which welcomes you on a journey into magical, mystical and earth-based spiritual practices.

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Readers’ contest: Win VIP tickets/hotel for Penned Con!

NOTE: Candace Carrabus and I will be among the authors at Penned Con next Sept. 29-30, as well as debut authors Jennifer Lynn and Deborah Weltman!

Penned Con is giving away TWO (2) VIP Tickets to the 2017 event along with TWO (2) nights stay at the hotel where Penned Con is hosted. There will be ONE (1) winner of this awesome package and we will announce them on October 28th 2016.

To participate you must LIKE, SHARE & TAG at least FIVE (5) friends in the ORIGINAL POST on the pennedcon-contestPenned Con St. Louis Facebook page.

This is a $500 value and includes:

Two night stay at the St. Louis City Center Hotel (9/29/17 & 9/30/17)
Two (2) Day Book Signing
Grab & Go Lunch for both days for two (2) people
Two (2) 2017 Penned Con T-Shirts
One (1) hour exclusive early signing access
Private Author / VIP Pajama Party
Casino Awards Night & Penned Con Playing Chips
Keynote Speakers
DJ Party

*The winner will be responsible for all travel expenses to and from the event and be required to provide the hotel with a credit card for any incidentals.

**You must be at least 21 years of age to participate.

Here’s more about Penned Con:

This convention brings authors and readers together each year for a full two-day event that will create great memories and opportunities to meet all of your fangirl/fanboy needs. Penned Con is designed to give readers plenty of time to hang out with your favorite authors in a laid back setting, an opportunity to learn from bestselling authors, discover new to you books, and to have FUN!

Penned Con is not your “normal” convention. Here’s a taste of what you will experience when you attend:

2 Keynote Speakers

2 full days of book signings

2 days of Panels with the authors

Workshops led by industry professionals

Author/Reader Games

Free Swag Table

DJ Party

Charity Raffles and Silent Auction

Casino night themed Awards Celebration and more!

100% of the profits from Penned Con go to Action for Autism a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization based in St. Louis who works to provide the therapies and schooling needs to local autistic children. Your attendance at Penned Con helps to change kids lives.

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Schneider: Focusing on the wonder of your own life

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