Readers: Meet me at Penned Con…and help kids with autism!

Readers — don’t miss this chance to get a FREE general admission ticket ($18 value) to the gigantic PENNED CON book fair Sept. 28-29 in St. Louis! Just leave your email address in the comment box for this post between now and Aug. 31. To make things interesting, I’ll select some winners at the end of July and others at the end of August. The earlier you enter, the better chance you have to win. 🙂

PENNED CON brings readers and authors together while raising money for charity — 100% of the profits goes to Action for Autism in St. Louis to provide therapies and schooling needs to local autistic children.

This year, I’ll be selling my books at PENNED CON, along with my friends Candace Carrabus, George Sirois, Jennifer Lynn, and about 180 other authors. Fun times!

At noon Saturday, Sept. 29, George and I will share our insights with authors on how to launch their audiobooks into the world.

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