Master Classes “for everyone” June 16-18

If you’ve attending the Gateway to Publishing Conference & Convention June 16-18 in St. Louis, you already know about the master classes with four literary agents and a writing coach. However, even if you aren’t able to attend the full conference, you can still sign up for the master classes–each $50!

And you can attend the FREE Reader’s Fair, including presentations by many of the 20 authors in the Author’s Hall.

Here are the Master Classes:

  • Friday from 2 PM to 4 PM: Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) Writing Workshop with Kathleen Kayembe
  • Saturday from 2 PM to 4 PM: Query Letter Critique with literary agent Kathleen Ortiz
  • Sunday from 10 AM to Noon:
    • Writing 3-D Characters with literary agent Margaret Bail
    • Query Letter Critique with literary Agent Justin Wells
    • How to Format and Publish Your E-Book with Jennifer Geist

To learn more about the presenters, click HERE.

  • We have learned of a glitch in the registration for them. It will be fixed for next year, but we can’t fix it in the short time left for this year conference. The glitch is that the registration lets you pay for the class, but it doesn’t say which class it is you are paying for.
  • How do we know which one you want?
    • If you purchase it online, we will email you and ask
    • If you want, you can email me right away and say “Hey, I just paid for a Master Class. I want to attend [insert instructor’s name]
    • Or you can purchase it at the conference.
  • Each class is $50. How do you purchase it online? Please visit this link:
  • Can you attend more than one Master Class? If they are not on the same day, then yes. You would just need to pay for each class and let us know.

Find out more about the master classes and the Reader’s Fair at




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