Online conference March 7-11 for book bloggers/publishers

I just signed up to attend the March 7-11 Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference. Here are eight of the reasons why:

Sue Grimshaw Random House Publishing Group
Jennifer Bonnell – Penguin YA Editor
Lindsey Rudnickas – Netgalley
Kristen Lamb – WANA Consulting
Don Dauria – Samhain Publishing
Kate Lied – Bloomsbury Publishing

Ariel Tachna – Dreamspinner Press
Danielle PoieszBook Country


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  1. Hi, Terri — A lot of the best stuff is happening tomorrow (e.g. Kristen Lamb!)

    The sessions are being recorded and will be available for a month–well worth the price of admission, IMHO. I do plan to post a few lessons learned, but I’m sure you’d come away with things I don’t catch (then we could compare notes).

  2. I wanted to sign up for this but all the workshops I wanted were during the day (when I work). Maybe there will be some notes or a review of the conference (::puppy dog eyes::) for those of us who couldn’t go? 🙂

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