New Inca Road to Machu Picchu discovered

Peru0261Peru This Week: Archaeologists have discovered a new section of the Inca Road— and this one leads right to Machu Picchu. (Slideshow at end of post with views from the road.)


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  1. They are always discovering new ruins, did you know that Machu Pucchu is built on top of an old city – what you see on top of the ground is just a sneak peek at what lies beneath it. Don’t forget to check out the Temple of the Moon, a ceremonial shrine inside a cave, which was believed to hold mummies in ancient times. And the Museo de Sitio Manuel Chavez Ballon (Museum).

    1. Hi Mia …just saw your comment! No, I wasn’t aware of that. It’s amazing they were ever able to build there, on a site between two fault lines. I love seeing all the new discoveries!

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