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Kimberly Schneider: Are you a fool?

Guest post by Kimberly Schneider Are you a fool? I am–or at least–I aspire to be one (at least, in the ancient sense of the word). The ancient meaning of FOOL is someone who walks through the world in a state of innocence.  Children exhibit this quality, which is one of the reasons they are often …

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Kimberly Schneider: Create a new inner story

Guest post by Kimberly Schneider If you’ve read my book or attended one of my workshops, you know I talk a lot about the power of the stories we tell ourselves. The stories we create–stories about what has happened to us in the past, why people are doing what they are doing, and what’s possible …

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Kimberly Schneider: Ask a different question

Guest post by Kimberly Schneider As The Manifestation Maven, I help people become aware of how they sabotage their success and happiness. There are as many variations on this theme as there are unique individuals, but as I reflect on what I’ve observed in people, there are four main attitudes that act as obstacles to …

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Kimberly Schneider: A Celtic meditation

This is the first in a series of guest posts from Kimberly Schneider, the Manifestation Maven: A few months ago my friend Deirdre Fay, www.dfay.com, a highly skilled psychotherapist and workshop facilitator who teaches others about Becoming Safely Embodied, invited me to do an interview with her where I would present an experiential exercise for her …

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