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Unusual comet passes by sun

Reprinted from Space Weather News http://spaceweather.com Astronomers are scratching their heads over an unusual comet that is passing by the sun.  The icy visitor to the inner solar system does not belong to any known family of sungrazing comets, and it appeared to be doomed as it made its plunge toward the sun on Feb. 19th.  …

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Rendezvous with a comet: Fact & fantasy

On Nov. 11, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta satellite is set to make a historic first landing on a comet, a feat that has sparked writers’ imaginations for centuries. “The idea of traveling on a comet is not new, but the reality is,” said T.W. Fendley, author of The Labyrinth of Time. “In 1877, science …

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Rosetta probe to study comet

Reprinted from Space Weather News http://spaceweather.com ROSETTA COMET: The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe has reached 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and is maneuvering to go into orbit around the comet’s core. This is an historic event. After Rosetta goes into orbit, it will follow the comet around the sun, observing its activity from point-blank range. Moreover, in November, …

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