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Chakra balancing course for writers & other creatives

Following from Mia Silverton: Where energy flows creation grows! Next Course Starts October 2017  Silver Pen Creation supports you to move back into creative flow by teaching you how to work within the 7 Chakra levels of your body, mind and spirit. These are derived from ancient thought, referenced in many different cultures around the …

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Mystic Salon: Exploring the Chakras 4/9 

  Reprinted from Mystic Salon: Exploring the Chakras April 9, 2015 7-9:00pm The Grand House 2120 S. Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63104 $5.00 per person Reserve Your Spot Now! Did you know that you are a being of energy? You are an auric field, alive and thriving with your own personal network of energy …

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Mystic Salon: Chakras & Akashic Records

Information provided by Jennifer Jacoby  The Chakras and Auric Awareness 4 December 2014, 7-9 pm Ever wonder what is behind people and their perceptions? Or how you can be affected by and affect others? Did you know, you are a being of energy, an auric field living in a network of energies? Join Julie Weller at the …

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