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Double Solar Eclipse

Reprinted from Space Weather News for Sept. 14, 2015 http://spaceweather.com DOUBLE SOLAR ECLIPSE:  Yesterday, a NASA spacecraft witnessed a rare double eclipse.  The Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed Earth and the Moon passing in front of the sun at the same time. Photos are highlighted on today’s edition of http://spaceweather.com. AURORA SEASON BEGINS:  For reasons researchers still …

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Total solar eclipse on March 20 equinox

Reprinted from Space Weather News http://spaceweather.com ARCTIC ECLIPSE: On March 20, the first day of northern spring, Arctic sky watchers could witness something rare and wonderful:  Northern Lights during a total eclipse of the sun.  Earth’s magnetic field is reverberating from a CME strike on March 17 that sparked the strongest geomagnetic storm of the …

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