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Asteroid to buzz Earth this week

Reprinted from SpaceWeather,com: ASTEROID TO BUZZ EARTH THIS WEEK: Four years ago, a house-sized asteroid tore through the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Russia, and exploded.  Shock waves shattered windows and knocked down onlookers as fragments of the disintegrating space rock peppered the Ural countryside. This week an asteroid about the same size is approaching Earth. It …

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Asteroid double flyby!

Reprinted from SpaceWeather.com On Sept. 7, a newly discovered asteroid about the size of a large grey whale flew over the south pole of Earth only 25,000 miles away. For scale, that’s only a few thousand miles above the orbits of typical geosynchronous satellites. After the Earth flyby, the space rock turned and headed in …

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Near-Earth asteroid flyby Sept. 7

Reprinted from Space Weather News for Sept. 4, 2014 http://spaceweather.com ASTEROID FLYBY:  On Sunday, Sept. 7, a house-sized asteroid  named “2014 RC” will fly through the Earth-Moon system approximately 40,000 km from our planet. At closest approach,  the space rock will be almost inside the orbit of Earth’s geosynchronous satellites.  Amateur astronomers, especially those in the southern …

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