SFFS #1 – The Fourth Treatment

Greetings! This is my first time to submit a snippet from my work for Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Following is the beginning of my award-winning short story, ” The Fourth Treatment,” which is available free here on my website and in ebook format from All Romance:

“Remember how your growing bones ached?”

I tried to remember but maybe I was just too distracted.  I’m a visual person and it was taking a lot of effort to keep from staring rudely at Jorge’s leathery, wrinkled face. Tufts of coarse brown hair jutted over his dark eyes, which were almost hidden in the cavernous space beneath his bulging eyebrow ridge.

“That’s not a trick question,” he said. “You can remember if you try.”

It was about seventy years ago when I went through puberty. Still, I could recall the knocks and bruises from being out-of-sync with my growing body.  But bones aching? “Sorry, Mr. Jorge,” I said, throwing my hands up and smiling.


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  1. Good morning, Pippa. I know what you mean about the password–it’s like brain calisthenics (up, down, up, down). Enjoyed your snippet from Keir! I’ve been over at your website, too–love the list of book reviewers. I’ve thought of doing the same thing. Thanks for beating me to it. That’s a lot of work! 🙂

  2. Wow, that password thingy made me concentrate this morning!
    Hmmm, intrigued to know why the narrator is so obsessed with Mr. Jorge’s face.

  3. LOL– good point, Sue. Actually, I did have rather excruciating bone/muscle aches, which my Mom said were growing pains, in addition to other more female-specific symptoms. Glad you missed out on that part!

  4. Welcome. Is the narrator male? as a female, what I remember about puberty has nothing to do with bones.

  5. JC, TM and Heidi — Thanks for stopping by!!! It’s a fun bunch of folks on SFFS.

  6. Great little snippet! Welcome to the SFFS webring!

  7. Aren’t these snippets addictive, T. W.?!

    Glad you joined.

    Wonderful description of Jorge. The narrator’s reaction to and scrutiny of Jorge and his question give the impression that, though it has been seventy years since puberty, Jorge is much older than even the narrator. I’ll have to check out the story to see if I’m right… 🙂

  8. Interesting – I can’t wait to read more!

  9. Thanks, Misa and T.K. I’m enjoying getting acquainted with some great new-to-me authors and fun reads!

    • T.K. Toppin on December 17, 2011 at 9:41 am

    This sounds like an interesting book! Welcome to SFFSat!

  10. Welcome to SSFSat.
    Interesting snippet you’ve shared here.

  11. Thanks, Cary! I was intrigued when Heidi Ruby Miller mentioned SFFS. I’m just sitting down to read a few myself. Nice way to start a Saturday.

  12. Welcome! Wonderful to have you here, and great teaser. I hope we get more!

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