My first audiobook debuts today!

Audiobook available!

Audiobook available!

My first audiobook is now available on Amazon/Audible, and coming soon to iTunes!

JAGUAR HOPE, a novelette, is only $4.86, a 30% discount. The introductory price probably won’t last long so don’t wait. You can check out the three-minute sample on Audible. The complete audiobook is a little over one hour long.

When Laurel Schroeder contacted me via ACX about producing JAGUAR HOPE, I was thrilled with her narration. I checked out her website and discovered she not only has a wonderful voice, but holds an MFA in acting and BA in theatre.


Laurel Schroeder

If you are new to Audible and purchase JAGUAR HOPE as one of your first three audiobooks, Laurel and I will share a $25 “bounty.” Send your receipt to me at after you complete the 61-day membership requirement to receive a complimentary Kindle copy of my novel ZERO TIME, which continues the saga.

Listen: Play Sample

Two black jaguars become the symbol of hope for a race facing extinction when they accompany a dying traveler back to her home planet. JAGUAR HOPE, a novelette, tells of the ill-fated journey to Earth’s Age of Crystal in this action-packed prequel to the award-winning historical fantasy novel, ZERO TIME.

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