Lauren Miller reviews ZERO TIME

Excerpt from Lauren Miller’s review of my historical fantasy novel, ZERO TIME:

“The vivid depictions of life in Mexico and Peru are no doubt influenced by Fendley’s own archaeological adventures in the Yucatan and Peru.  I enjoyed how she interweaves folklore and myth, showing their creation over time and their function.  The mystery elements and uncertainty of the characters is also entertaining.

Overall, it’s an interesting foray into the Mayan prophecy of 2012 and if you have a taste for mysteries and occult activities, this may be the fall read for you.”


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  1. Thank you T.W. for mentioning my review on your site! I apologize for the lateness of the review coming out. I’d meant for it to be earlier this summer. I love the new header on your website — just like the ZERO TIME bookmarks you had at an event recently. Great way to tie everything together. 🙂

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