Deb Weltman: Money study group begins

MeditationFollowing is from Deborah Weltman:

Money Study Group
Tuesday nights, June 17 – August 19, 2014
10 sessions
7-9 PM

No charge, but love offerings gratefully accepted

Prior to our first session, please purchase the book What Will I Do With My Money by Ray Linder. Please purchase a spiral notebook. Bring both to the Study Group with you on June 17th. I got my copy of the book through Amazon Used Books for under a dollar (plus shipping).

In this study group we will read and do the exercises in the book. We will do some journaling. It is expected that group members will do the reading and exercises before each meeting. We will be “in group” together as  teachers to each other and as students of our own (and our group members’) lives.

What Will I Do With My Money, How Your Personality Affects Your Financial Behavior covers what we learned about money in our families of origin (which shapes our adult money handling skills), a bit about the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and then, how our MBTI relates to our personal money focus: how we think about money, how we manage it, its importance…or lack of importance… to us. We will learn how we can most effectively use our personal money skills/traits, both as individuals and in relationships (business or marriage). There is also a section on our “best work” based on our MBTI. The book concludes with a brief discussion of money and spirituality. The author shares biblical quotes he feels are most relevant to a discussion on money. I would love for us all to add wisdom from our own spiritual/religious belief systems. That will be a great discussion!

Call Deborah @ 314-544-2555 to join the group. Seating is limited. Call ASAP.

P.S. As always, when I lead a group or a class, I ask that you let me know if you have a strong interest but can’t make this session. This allows me to develop a waiting list for future groups. Thanks!


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