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Total lunar eclipse Tuesday!

Reprinted from Space Weather News  http://spaceweather.com

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE: On Tuesday morning, April 15, the full Moon will pass through the shadow of Earth, producing a colorful lunar eclipse.  Although the mainstream media is calling this a “blood moon,” the color is more likely to be bright orange.  At the moment, Earth’s stratosphere is not dusty enough produce a shadow with the deep red hues of blood.  Whatever color it turns out to be, the eclipse will be visible from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.  Check http://spaceweather.com for observing tips and more information.

LIVE WEBCAST OF THE ECLIPSE: Got clouds? No problem. The lunar eclipse will be broadcast live on the web by the Coca-Cola Science Center at Columbus State University in Georgia: http://www.ccssc.org/webcast.html

The event is also being webcast live by both NASA and SpaceX and streamed on Space.com.


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