Rhonda Leifheit teaches “Tapping into Prosperity”

LeifheitFollowing is reprinted from Rhonda Leifheit’s email announcement:

Wed., Nov. 13, 7 – 9 P.M. for 4 weeks (no class 11/27) at The Soul-Esteem Center

“There is only one way by which you can achieve prosperity. It is to take charge of your mind….Your prosperity and success certainly may be influenced by changing conditions, but even then depending upon how you deal with them…The secret of achieving prosperity lies in so vividly keeping yourself centered in the inner focus of affluence that you literally exude the consciousness of it….It is not something you gain through repeating prosperity affirmations over and over… You can achieve prosperity, if you believe in the allness of God-substance, ever-present and all-sufficient, abundantly able to meet (the) need(s) in your life.”

True prosperity is a state of mind. When we dwell on thoughts of lack we are immediately impoverished. When we focus on gratitude we are immediately enriched. This class will provide techniques and strategies for improving your relationship with money and increasing prosperity.

* Explore three cultural myths: “there’s not enough, more is better, and that’s just the way it is”.

* Learn the spiritual truths of abundance.

* Discover your unique personal money myths.

* Learn Tapping Techniques to clear limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior.

* De-hypnotize from the trance of unworthiness.

* Expand your capacity to receive more (joy, money, love, creativity…)

* Re-discover the prospering power of gratitude.

* Find innovative ways to create prosperity in your life.

* Appreciate the many lessons that money can teach.

* Discover ways to align with the abundant universe.

Remember that God is our Source – not people, jobs, pensions, investments or inheritance. These are all channels through which our good can flow. By staying focused on the Divine Source we remained centered and calm amidst life’s ebb and flow.

Fee: $80 if paid at registration, or $25 per class if paid weekly. (Early bird rate if paid by Nov. 10.)

To Register: Call 314-ASK-SOUL (275-7685)

Location: The Soul-Esteem Center (www.Soul-Esteem.com) 105A Progress Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63043.


RHONDA LEIFHEIT is Director of The Source Life Enrichment Center in St. Louis. She has been

teaching classes in personal and spiritual growth for over 35 years. Rhonda is a reader of the

Akashic Records and has given thousands of Past Life Readings, reaching people in all 50 states and

internationally. Rhonda also guides clients to their own past lives through Past Life Regression. She is

certified in hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists and has a BSW from the University of MO,



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