Readers’ Favorite: Labyrinth 5-stars!

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In The Labyrinth of Time by T.W. Fendley, sixteen-year-old Jade reluctantly forgoes her plan to spend time with her friends at Lake of the Ozarks and goes to Peru with her grandmother. Little does she know that her mundane vacation with Grams would quickly turn adventurous yet risky. During a visit to the local museum, Jade discovers that she and Felix, the museum director’s son, can telepathically access messages left on ancient engraved stones. She further learns about the prophecy of the Daughter of the Moon and the Labyrinth of Time.

With the aid of her new friends, Jade must enter the portal to the Labyrinth of Time and seek a red crystal called the Firestone. By returning its power, the balance between the Earth and Sky will be restored. Failure means the Earth itself will die. Prophecy, magic and romance are classic elements in the fantasy genre, yet T.W. Fendley effortlessly puts a fresh spin on them by mixing Peruvian culture, sci-fi through alien ancestors, the spiritual realm, and even an otherworldly portal in The Labyrinth of Time. The premise has more depth and the plot is more complex than I’d expected.

Fendley’s wonderful descriptive prose adds depth to every scene. There’s lots of adventure and intrigue, and the characters of Jade and Felix are easy to root for. The pace is swift, much to my delight. While this book is under the YA genre, it’s easily universal enough to be enjoyed by young and mature readers alike. Overall, The Labyrinth of Time is a light but tightly-drawn YA fantasy that you can devour in one sitting.



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