Kimberly Schneider: If you’re feeling scared…

Guest message from Kimberly Schneider (written prior to Grand Jury announcement)

Happy (almoKimberlySchneider-2st) Thanksgiving!  I hope this email finds you hopeful, happy and overflowing with gratitude!

My heart is full this morning, and I’m also very aware that a lot of people in my own city of St. Louis are feeling scared today.

As you are most likely aware, a few months ago in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenage boy named Michael Brown.   That event was tragic, not only for Michael Brown and his family, but also for the police officer and his loved ones, and the entire Ferguson community.

Many people have been protesting Michael Brown’s death and the circumstances surrounding it, hoping to raise awareness and bring about transformational change in race relations, especially in regard to interactions between the police and the citizens of color.  Unfortunately, although the vast majority of protests have been peaceful, some individuals and groups have been exploiting the situation to create chaos.

Right now our city is awaiting the grand jury’s decision on whether to indict the police officer who shot Michael Brown.  Rumors are flying, police presence is highly and increasingly visible throughout our region, and many local events are being changed or cancelled because people are scared about what will happen when the indictment decision is announced.

Whether or not you live in St. Louis, I think this is a good opportunity for all of us to take a deep breath and remind ourselves of something:


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