Kimberly Schneider: Appearances can be deceiving

KimberlySchneider-2Guest post by Kimberly Schneider

Appearances can be deceiving.

So deceiving, in fact, that most of our difficulties arise out of responding to what’s apparent on the surface, instead of what’s really happening. And that usually causes us to crash and burn.

My husband is licensed as an instrument-rated private pilot. He’s told me that one of the most difficult things to learn when a pilot is flying through thick clouds, where sight can’t help you tell up from down, is to disregard the sensations of your body. Humans weren’t really designed for flying through space at high speeds, especially when the ground isn’t visible. When you can’t see the ground, your body can’t accurately process the information it is receiving. Therefore, it may get really confused about where it is in space.

And so, when you’re thousands of feet from the earth and you’ve got your hands on the controls of a plane, you have to ignore your body’s signals, and the resultant freaking-out that your ego is doing about whether you’re going to die because you can’t tell earth from sky.  Instead you must trust the data coming to you from your instruments, even though they don’t correspond with what you are feeling.

Similarly, when things get bumpy and confusing in life, if you act based on what seems obvious, or what your ego thinks is going on, you aren’t likely to like what happens next. Rather than reacting reflexively, you’ve got to trust the guidance of your soul, your Essential Self, at those turbulent times. Because your soul always knows where you are, whether it’s apparent to your ego or not.

So if you are in one of those foggy moments, when nothing makes sense, and you’re not sure where you are going, and the ground beneath your feet has fallen away to such an extent that you don’t even know where it’s gone, or whether you’ll ever feel grounded again, you’ve got to trust your instruments. Don’t act out of panic. Instead, be still and know.

Wait for the inner guidance that comes from a place of peace.

Everything You Need Is Right Here. I promise.

Sending love and bright blessings your way, today and always,


The Manifestation Maven 

P.S. The idea that reality is what’s going on beneath the surface is rooted in Celtic Spirituality. Making ancient Celtic wisdom relevant for modern seekers is one of my great passions, which is why I’m going to be offering another Celtic Spirituality Retreat June 13-14, this time with my wise and wonderful Mom! God in Every Breath: Falling in Love with Life through the Wisdom of the Ancient Celts will explore tenets of Celtic Spirituality through story, poetry, reflections, small group process and exercises designed to open the “door between the worlds” so you can experience the Divine in a new way.  The program is sponsored by New Awakenings Community in St. Louis.  If you’d like more info, just email me back and I’ll send you the brochure, or you can also ask questions about the retreat and find out how to register from Peg Burdge, 314-965-0983.  I’d love to see you there!

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