Kimberly Schneider: The 6 Ps of Presence

KimberlySchneider-2Guest post by Kimberly Schneider

Patience isn’t a strong point for many of us.

It’s hard to be patient when you’re waiting for something exciting, like a party, or a reunion with a loved one.

And when you feel sad, or anxious, or troubled in any way, it is also hard to be patient while you wait for easier times.

The funny thing is though, that if we don’t choose to cultivate patience, we just might miss the really great moments: those joyful ones we’ve been anticipating, and even those that come in the midst of great trauma or ordinary days—those gifts of Grace that somehow reach our weary souls like the sun suddenly breaking through the grey of a cloud-covered sky.

So I’m working on that patience thing.

Because really, patience is about having the courage to show up for this moment now, whatever it is bringing.  It’s about welcoming all things, and choosing to trust that there’s a blessing in the midst of it.  

And when you do that on a regular basis, here’s what happens:

* problems get solved without your intervention

* you see what you couldn’t see before

* you begin to trust life, as you recognize the miracles that have been happening around you all along

Practicing patience, practicing Presence, is an art.

You will never have “made it;” it’s not something you figure out how to do perfectly, or every time (well, at least, I haven’t figured out how to do that).

But if you set an intention to practice the art of Presence, and keep choosing that intention again and again and again, you’ll experience your life.  You’ll be here.  You will be participating in the magic.

And that’s worth being here for.

I’ll leave you with a little passage I wrote about practicing Presence—I was inspired by a Lao Tzu poem, so I adapted it for a speech I recently gave about “The 6 Ps of Presence” at a corporate meeting:

Do you have the patience to pause

until your mind settles and the next step is clear? 

Can you remain unmoving

until the right action arises on its own? 

The Artist is not attached to the answer.

Living the questions,

the Artist is Present,

and can welcome all things. 

Adapted from Lao-Tzu by Kimberly Schneider, 2014

May you have the Presence to relish the art that shows up as this life of yours!

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