Join the fun at ARCHON 43!

If you’re a fan or a writer of science fiction and fantasy, don’t miss ARCHON 43, the Midwest’s Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy event. This year’s theme is “A Celebration of the Imagination.” It will be held October 4-6 at the Gateway Convention Center and DoubleTree Hotel in Collinsville, IL.

This year I’ll be sharing Table 20 on Booksellers Row with Jennifer Lynn, author of the Bree MacLeod series–“Glimpse the world through the eyes of a modern-day shaman.”

See the complete Program here. We and other members of the St. Louis Writers Guild will make the following presentations:


Publish Your Book (Without Spending a Fortune!)
Steven M. Thomas (M)
Marquette B – Gateway Center 8:00 PM

Audiobooks for Authors on a Budget
It’s easier than you think to join publishing’s fastest growing segment! Learn how to find the perfect narrator/producer and ways to promote your audiobook.
Jennifer Lynn (M),T.W. Fendley,Debbie Manber Kupfer,Steven M. Thomas
Madison C & D – DoubleTree – Collinsville
10:00 AM

Jules Verne, A Writer’s Guide to Imagination and Exploration
Follow Jules Verne on his journeys. Poe and Dumas were his inspiration as to style, but the science, imagination, adventure, and camaraderie were all his!
Ronald R. Van Stockum Jr. (M)
St. Clair A & B – DoubleTree – Collinsville
10:00 AM

Writing Mental Illness
Characters reflect real life, and sometimes are metally ill. Writers discuss the challenges and benefits of creating mentally ill characters.
Cole Gibsen (M),M. R. Sellars,Christine Amsden,Thomas Stratman
Salon 2 – Gateway Center
12:00 PM

Escape from Archon – An Interactive Puzzle Panel
The Plutonians are furious. They have heard that upstart Earthlings have downgraded their planet and they want revenge. They have traveled to our world and have infiltrated this convention. However as they are microscopic they can only communicate through a series of puzzles. Help us solve these puzzles to escape this room and save mankind!
Debbie Manber Kupfer (M),Joey Kupfer
Madison C & D – DoubleTree – Collinsville
4:00 PM

Writing Speculative Fiction for Children -Picture Books to Young Adult
Not sure if you’re writing a middle-grade or young adult book? Learn how to write, pitch
and market stories for young readers.
Jennifer Lynn (M),Debbie Manber Kupfer,Jessica Mathews,T.W. Fendley
Marquette A – Gateway Center
6:00 PM

Writing Realistic Fight Scenes
Do your fight scene seem outlandish or fall flat? Come get tips on making your fights a knock-out!
Thomas Carpenter,Walt Boyes,Kasey Mackenzie (M),Cole Gibsen
Marquette B – Gateway Center
6:00 PM


When One Story Becomes Many
How to proceed when you realize your story is too involved for one book.
Cole Gibsen (M),Robin Wayne Bailey,Glen Cook,Thomas Carpenter
Salon 1 – Gateway Center 10:00 AM

Writing What You Don’t Know
Authors write about things they’ve never done all the time, whether it’s killing another person, working in zero gravity or something as “simple” as riding a horse. How much can you research and how much is built on reading other writers who may not have direct knowledge either?
Kristin Bailey,Ethan Nahté,Tracy Morris,Les Haven (M),Cole Gibsen
Salon 1 – Gateway Center 11:00 AM

Shamans, Druids and Wise Women-Writing the Mystic in Fiction
Discover European Mystical alternatives to the Native American medicine man, including an introduction to the concepts of mystics, Druids, Scyrs, and wise women.
Jennifer Lynn (M)
Marquette A – Gateway Center 2:00 PM


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