Hosting August Broad Pod: Humor

Reprinted from the Broad Pod:

Thanks toBroad Pod heroic efforts on the part of everyone involved, our Humor podcast for August is up in spite of ill-timed vacations, technical snafus, power outages, exploding bathrooms, misdirected megafiles and demon attacks. Host T.W. Fendley, author of the historical fantasy, Zero Time, proudly presents this month’s readers:

Justine Graykin, with an excerpt from Archimedes Nesselrode, a whimsical novel written for adults who have grown weary of “adult” books, soon to be released as an eBook from Double Dragon Publishing.
Karina Fabian’s dragon, Vern, has a penchant for puns and snide remarks as well as a knack for getting himself into ridiculous situations.  No wonder her DragonEye novels come with reader warnings to not read while eating or drinking or in public where you’re worried about embarrassing yourself by laughing out loud. Live and Let Fly is her second DragonEye novel.

Ann Wilkes will read an excerpt from a new installment in the Awesome Lavratt Universe that is, as yet, untitled. The Awesome Lavratt is currently out of print, but stories in two Dark Quest Anthologies are still available.

Tracy S. Morris will read from “The Plays The Thing,” a short story she co-wrote with Brad Sinor for the Grantville Gazette. In it, a time-traveling reporter helps Cyrano de Bergerac write an infamous play while trying to outwit an unwanted suitor.

Pour yourself a cold one, sit back, and have a chuckle on us: Broad Pod


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