Happy Beltane!

Following is from Kimberly Schneider:

KimberlySchneider-2Happy Beltane!

Beltane is the ancient Irish name for the season of summer, which begins (in the old Celtic calendar anyway) on the evening of April 30. It’s a time to celebrate creativity, wonder, connection, fertility, sensuality, and abundance. A time to throw all of your cares into the bonfire and dance the night away, allowing the fruitful energies of the sun and earth to move through you and transform your life.

Which is why it’s a perfect time to re-think the way you are looking at the areas of your life where you feel stuck or disheartened.

That which you perceive as a problem is nothing more than an invitation to ask a different kind of question.

The questions we ask ourselves shape the way we experience reality. That’s because a question is an energetic call, and what we see in our lives is an energetic answer to that question.

So if you don’t like the answers, ask a different question.

For instance, if you keep asking yourself questions like:

“Wouldn’t my life be better if s/he would just…?”

“Why has the world gone to hell in a handbasket?”

“Wouldn’t I be happier if only….?”

“How come I never have enough money?”

“Why does this always happen to me?”

Then the energetic answers you receive, the realities you perceive, will be matches to those questions.  All of which come from a place of lack and limiting belief.

Next time you find yourself feeling stuck, frustrated or wondering about the meaning of life, why not experiment with asking yourself (and the Universe/God/Your Soul/Divine Energy/Essence) questions like:

“What do I need to understand right now?”

“What one action can I take today to create more peace (love, joy, harmony, abundance) in my heart, and in the world?”

“Where am I being called to serve?”

“How might I make a deep connection with someone today?”

“What might I release so that I have more space for what brings me joy?”

“What does abundance feel like? Show me!”

“How can I be love today?”

How do you know if the question you are asking is the right question for the moment? Because it feels a little bit better than the question you were asking before. A bit lighter.  A bit more expansive.  A bit scary, perhaps, because you’re taking on more responsibility for creating your reality.  And yet, that’s pretty exciting too, right? Imagine the possibilities!

And if you just can’t figure out what question to ask, try:

“Who do I want to be in this moment? And what would that person do, right now?”

I’m smiling as I think about all of the fun questions you will be asking yourself!

And by the way, for those who have been asking, we have set the date for the next IrelEYNsm-3and trip! It’s next fall, September 10-17, 2016.  My new website with all the details will be up very soon, but if you would like an application or some more info in the meantime, just email me back and I’ll send it to you.  I have lots of other fun things in the works, including a couple of new books, some new online courses, and some retreats I’m hoping to get on the calendar this fall.  So stay tuned!

May the peace, wonder and joy that arises from asking exquisite questions be yours,


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