Election Day fantasy

A girapod’s tale

If you’re like me and most people I know, you both anticipated and dreaded Nov. 3, 2020. And here we are, a few days after election day, trying to discern what this all means for our country and for us individually.

Like me, you probably have friends whose beliefs mirror your own and others you struggle to understand. No matter what the official election outcome is, it appears that confusion is likely to persist, at least for a while. So where do we go from here? How do we get to the middle ground where we can be respectful of each other and move forward together?

Sometimes when “reality” isn’t offering answers, I turn to fiction to envision something different. Something better. Not a world of winners and losers, but one where we all are valued. My hope for that world lies at the heart of the following fantasy short story.

Of course, I asked for the assistance of my girapod friend, Zher, from Makemake. ELECTION DAY is a political satire in a similar vein to THE MENTOR, which told about the earlier adventures of this genetically-modified, time-traveling, sentient giraffe. Come with Zher and me for a few minutes and leave the stress and drama of 2020 behind.

Just imagine it!

Click to download pdf of free ELECTION DAY short story


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