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TIffany HeiserWelcome to Tiffany Heiser, this week’s featured author! Don’t miss the earlier posts with the rest of Tiffany’s Blog Ring of Power interview:

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About Tiffany: I grew up in Granbury,Texas. Always reading or writing from a young age. An only child- I’m not spoiled rotten…I think. Have two wonderful parents that pushed to me to reach my goals. I now live in Fort Worth with my wonderful husband and my two loving dogs(a corgi and a doxiepoo).
I started off with poetry and then short stories. Then decided at the end of last year that I would sit down and write. So I did.
As a kid I wanted to be a doctor(hate blood), an astronaut(scared to get stuck in space), a teacher(don’t want to be stuck with a whole class to myself) and then it dawned on me one day. I want to write. I want to be an author. I love young adult fantasy fiction and knew that’s the genre I would pick. Once I put the pen to paper…the rest as they say… is history 🙂


BRoP: Tell us about your route to success- how/when did you decide to self-publish? Did you query an agent first? How did you handle the editing, proofreading, cover design, etc.-
Tiffany: I decided to to self-publish when I queried an agent and received a response back- not about my writing, but about vampires being blacklisted and that I really wouldn’t have a shot especially with my genre. I knew I loved vampires still and wanted to keep reading about them. And of course I wanted to write about them, and I figured there had to be others still interested. So, I looked into self-pub and stayed up till the sun rose almost every day for a week to prepare Bonded With Love for the online shelves.

Editing and proofreading- I found Agent Query Connect and met a lot of authors and made a lot of friends along the way. Proofreaders to help with the process, beta readers, and even a few editors.

Cover design- I worked again with Tabitha Harkins. She produced beautiful photos and I put together the background. I love the cover of Bonded because Rena’s look is so torn and it shows the two sides of what she is to become. It could have used some flare, but it still portrayed what I wanted to get across.

Everything else in the process came together at wee hours in the morning and within a few days Bonded was out there for the public and I couldn’t be prouder of my baby. Ha!


BRoP: What tools are must-haves for writers?

Tiffany: Hmmm. Well, for me specifically- notebooks in every room, your favorite pens attached to each, your type of music ready to played at any time. I would also again recommend, finding beta-readers, join twitter, and make sure you have a nice quiet place to run away to so you can fully concentrate.


BRoP: Do you have any advice for other writers?

Tiffany: Believe in yourself and your talent. If you are 100% in love with writing and creating stories for others and are willing to sit down and take the time to write it out, then don’t give up. Never give up and don’t let negative reviews or comments let you sway from what you love. You can only get better as time goes on and you never know what the future holds for you.


BRoP: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Tiffany: Well first and foremost THANK YOU!! Thank you for reading, thank you for enjoying, and thank you for being awesome! Without you Bonded With Love wouldn’t be where it is and I wouldn’t be the happiest author ever. Ha! And I can’t wait to see what you think of book 2 🙂


BRoP: What are your current/future projects?

Tiffany: Well right now book 2 Struggled With Love is undergoing edits. And I have started a new dark vampire novel that also includes angels. Very excited about it 🙂 So many ideas running through this mind…ready to show you all.


BRoP: Where can our readers find you?

Bonded with Love


Never in a trillion years did Rena really think vampires existed…or that she had enemies among them.

Beginning of senior year, and Rena Vesten is hoping for something incredible to happen. She never expected that the dark-haired, blue-eyed man of her dreams-literally-to suddenly appear as the new student at school.

The gorgeous mystery guy, Cryder, has more secrets than his inexplicable presence in her dreams. Soon Rena’s world takes a turn into the supernatural when she finds out Cryder is a vampire king with a deadly rebellion on his hands, and a destiny irrevocably tied to Rena’s…

…’till death do them part.




Broken Bond


Vampires live a long life and it can appear to be perfect to those who don’t have the option for immortality, but when your sanity and place in society is dependent on the one you love- the thought of eternity can be excruciating.

When Bristol finds his true blood-mate at an early age, the girl who knows him to the deepest part of his soul- everything seems perfect. He pictures a future of only the two of them with no rules or limitations, but one terrifying night all of those dreams are stolen from him.

What happens to a vampire when it goes insane?







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