BRoP interview: D.C. Farmer

BRoPlogo-1Welcome to this week’s Blog Ring of Power guest, newly minted contemporary fantasy author D.C. Farmer. D.C.’s debut novel, The 400lb Gorilla, will be released by Spence City next year and you, dear BRoP readers, are among the first people to hear about this book and see the cover. Enjoy!

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dcfTell us about your route to success –how did you land your agent/publisher? Spence City is publishing the book.  It’s a boutique publisher–full of like minds, which is all you really want. They wanted Urban Fantasy and I happened to have one in my drawer. I’d written it for me and they liked it. Agents? Mwahahaha.

What are the most important elements of good writing? Engaging the reader and working towards that catharsis that all good books make you have.  Understand the difference between story and plot. Understand the need to apply craft through a zillion read throughs and edits.

What tools are must-haves for writers?  Sense of humour. A way of enjoying the long and arduous process and not just the product. Read Stuff. Know what an MRU is

What do you feel is the key to your success? Success? Writing for yourself. Writing from the heart the books you’d liek to read yourself. I think that if you try and be commercial, you’re doomed–mwahahaha (okay I’ll stop now).

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Keep buying books.

What are your current / future project(s)?  MG science fantasy series for Spencer Hill. The second hipposync Archive book which I think will be called Frivolius Pur

Please let us know where can your readers stalk you: Website | Twitter

400lbGorillafinishCOVERAuthor of Dreables, and The Curse of Borage-Doone (Lucky Bat Books).

REMEDY: Matt Danmore thinks he’s lucky. Not many people survive a near death accident with nothing more than a bout of amnesia, a touch of clumsiness and the conviction that the technician that did the MRI had grey skin and hooves.

Still,  it takes time to recover from trauma like that, especially when the girl that was in the accident with you disappears into thin air. Especially when the shrinks keep telling you she’s just a figment of your imagination.

So when she turns up a year later looking ravishing, and wanting to carry on where they left off, Matt’s troubled life starts looking up.  But he hasn’t bargained for the baggage that comes with Silvy, like the fact she isn’t really an English language student, or even a girl.

Underneath her traffic stopping exterior is something else altogether, something that involves raving fanatics bent on human sacrifice, dimensionally challenged baked bean tins, a vulture with a penchant for profanity, and a security agent  for the Dept of Fimmigration (that’s Fae immigration for those of you not in the know) called Kylah with the most amazing gold-flecked eyes…

The 400 Lb Gorilla is a  caustically witty, vampire-free introduction to the Hipposync Archives: Contemporary fantasy at its sparkling best.

Website (But a re-design is in the offing)

Twitter  @hipposync.

Coming February 2014



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