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The Labyrinth of Time

  The Labyrinth of Time, my young adult contemporary fantasy set in Peru, is available online at: Amazon  (print, audiobook & ebook) Barnes & Noble (print & ebook) Audible (audiobook) Smashwords (ebook) Apple iBooks (ebook) The Book Depository free shipping worldwide (print) Literary Underworld (print) Walmart (ebook) And at these Missouri independent book sellers: Main Street Books, St. Charles STL …

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The Mother Serpent’s Daughter (Zero Time Chronicles)

Four-year-old White Heron begins her journey as a master shaman when she arrives in Teotihuacan with her sister Quilla and Mama Couen. Her fledgling skills prove the only defense against a priest of the Lord of Darkness in THE MOTHER SERPENT’S DAUGHTER, a short story prequel to my historical fantasy novel, ZERO TIME. If you don’t have …

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Jaguar Hope (Zero Time Chronicles)

Two black jaguars become the symbol of hope for a race facing extinction when they accompany a dying traveler back to her home planet. JAGUAR HOPE, a novelette, tells of the ill-fated journey to Earth’s Age of Crystal in this action-packed prequel to my historical fantasy novel, ZERO TIME. If you don’t have a Kindle, …

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Zero Time

As Zero Time nears, only Keihla Benton can save two worlds from the powers of Darkness. But first she must unlock the secrets of Machu Picchu and her own past. Ebook $3.99 Amazon Kindle Paperback $9.99 Amazon Main Street Books (St. Charles, Mo.) Literary Underworld (online) Abe Books (worldwide distributor)   Libraries  Delta County Libraries …

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Solar Lullaby

  Short story by T.W. Fendley Dr. Flare Haich offers the only hope for diverting a solar flare that will dwarf the 2012 Mayan Event, which killed her parents and a half-billion others. She must overcome the betrayal of one she trusted and launch Empress III to keep the Sun’s fiery message from scorching the Earth …

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The Fourth Treatment (free short story)

Winner of TuckerCon 9th North American Science Fiction Convention 2007 Writers Contest Free ebook format available at Smashwords.         “Remember how your growing bones ached?”          I tried to remember but maybe I was just too distracted.  I’m a visual person and it was taking a lot of effort to keep from staring rudely at …

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The Mentor

This quirky, futuristic romp into extreme consumer activism pits time-traveling sentient giraffes and lions against each other in a society where corporations have total control. Who says crime doesn’t pay? If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app onto your computer: Kindle    Kindle Cloud Reader  Available now on Kindle for 99 cents.

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And I Feel Fine

Jana’s puzzled when the traffic disappears so she makes it to work on time, and when the perfect boots and jacket appear in her cubicle just before a meeting with the big boss. She worries about her sanity until she realizes it’s Dec. 21, 2012. This is the end of the world? She pulls on …

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